Sons of Blame

by Jamie Neish



Son's of Blame


released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Jamie Neish Belfast, UK

After years of practicing music in various forms, it became apparent that the desire to write honest, acoustic music was a strong one. Hopefully the songs speak for themselves. Thank you for stopping by.

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Track Name: Sailor, My Father
Sailor grab your anchor, head for distant shores.
Never leave your love behind, it's to easy to fall.
Children grab your fathers, we're heading to the fields,
he's calling in the harvest of hearts, and souls,

and still.... we always look for a way out,
it's far to easy, please believe me.

Cause we are, the fathers of our sons,
it all became a mystery when we began to run.
I've seen those distant shores,
I've been across this land,
I've never seen anything thats ever going to last.

We'll go easier on the children of the world.
Track Name: Bones & Blood
I was alone when it began to get cold,
and that brought a winter, coldest i've ever known.
And that brought upheaval, or so would say.
Like a river turing backwards, to push nature away.

I'm only bones and blood in the morning.
I'm only bones and blood in the evening.
But when the night falls, you deceive me,
and it pulls on my soul, but it don't feel so cold.

I want the proof, river come bring your truth.
Its not enough to wonder, or scream out when it hurts.
So i look to the sunrise or an old empty glass...
whatever you fill it with changes how you react.

Tell me if you really know
If you cut the stem, the plant is sure to grow
But sometimes what you took you never gave
So i've been looking round, trying hard to see
Your love won't grow if you don't let it leave.